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20 Building and Their Parts Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

Vocab- Buildings are not just structures of bricks and mortar; they are a reflection of human creativity, culture, and engineering marvels. To fully appreciate the world of architecture and construction, it’s essential to understand the vocabulary associated with different building parts, along with their Hindi meanings. In this blog post, we’ll take a tour through the components of buildings, from the foundation to the roof, and delve into their Hindi equivalents.

20 Building and Their Parts Vocabulary- List

20 Building and Their Parts Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

1.Foundation (मूलआधार): The base of a building that supports its weight and transfers it to the ground.

2. Walls (दीवारें): Vertical structures that enclose and define the spaces within a building.

3. Roof (छत): The top covering of a building that provides shelter and protection.

4. Floor (मंजिल): The horizontal surface within a building on which people walk and objects are placed.

5. Ceiling (छत): The upper interior surface of a room that conceals the roof structure.

6. Door (दरवाजा): A hinged or sliding barrier that allows access to and from a building.

7. Window (खिड़की): An opening in a wall with glass or other transparent material to admit light and air.

8. Stairs (सीढ़ियाँ): A series of steps or flights for moving from one level to another within a building.

9. Balcony (बालकनी): An elevated platform or platform projecting from the wall of a building.

10. Facade (सजवट): The front exterior of a building, often the most decorative part.

11. Pillar (स्तंभ): A vertical, cylindrical support structure, often ornamental.

12. Veranda (वरंडा): A roofed platform along the outside of a building.

13. Chimney (धुआं): A vertical channel or pipe for conveying smoke and gases from a fireplace or furnace to the outside.

14. Balustrade (रेलिंग): A row of small columns topped by a rail, often used for safety on stairs or balconies.

15. Arch (गुफा): A curved structure used to support the weight above it.

16. Eaves (छत की चादर): The lower edges of a roof projecting beyond the walls.

17. Foundation (मूलआधार): The base of a building that supports its weight and transfers it to the ground.

18. Awning (छत): A roof-like structure, often made of fabric, that extends from the exterior wall to provide shade.

19. Skylight (आकाशगंगा): A window or panel in the roof that allows natural light to enter a building.

20. Vent (मुँह): An opening or device for allowing air or gas to escape or enter a building.

Understanding these building-related terms and their Hindi meanings is not only vital for architects, engineers, and builders but also for anyone interested in the world of construction and design. It promotes a deeper appreciation of the built environment and architecture’s role in shaping our cities and societies. Whether you’re a construction professional, a design enthusiast, or someone looking to explore the world of buildings, this comprehensive vocabulary list will be your guide to understanding the diverse components of architectural wonders.

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