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Tools Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings

Tools have played an essential role in human development, allowing us to build, repair, and create with precision and skill. Understanding and using these tools, along with their corresponding Hindi meanings, can empower you to tackle a wide range of tasks, from woodworking to DIY projects. In this blog post, we will explore a comprehensive list of tools vocabulary, enhancing your knowledge and skills in the world of craftsmanship.

Tools Vocabulary – List

Tools Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings

1. Hammer (हथौड़ा): A tool used to drive nails or break objects.

2. Screwdriver (बोल्ट पर बदलने का आला): A tool for turning screws.

3. Wrench (चाबी): A tool for turning nuts and bolts.

4. Pliers (प्लायर्स): Gripping and cutting tool.

5. Tape Measure (टेप माप): A flexible ruler for measuring lengths.

6. Saw (देख बाला): A tool for cutting wood or metal.

7. Drill (ड्रिल): A tool for creating holes.

8. Chisel (कुंदी): A sharp-edged tool for carving and shaping.

9. Level (तराजू): A tool for determining if a surface is horizontal or vertical.

10. Screw (बोल्ट): A threaded fastener.

11. Nail (नाखून): A pointed metal pin used for fastening.

12. Trowel (ट्रॉल): A flat-bladed tool for spreading or shaping materials.

13. Axe (कुल्हाड़ी): A tool for chopping wood.

14. Clamp (क्लैम्प): A device for holding materials in place.

15. Vice (वाइस): A tool for securing workpieces.

16. File (फ़ाइल): A tool for smoothing or shaping surfaces.

17. Ruler (रूलर): A straight-edged measuring tool.

18. T-square (टी-वर्ग): A measuring tool with a right angle.

19. Spirit Level (रुहानी स्तर): A tool for checking levelness.

20. Compass (कम्पास): A tool for drawing circles and arcs.

21. Pencil (पेंसिल): A writing tool with a graphite core.

22. Utility Knife (उपयोगिता चाकू): A cutting tool with a retractable blade.

23. Tape (टेप): Adhesive material for joining items.

24. Wire Cutter (तार कटने वाला): A tool for cutting wires.

25. Allen Wrench (एलन चाबी): A tool for turning hexagonal screws.

26. Bolt Cutter (बोल्ट कटने वाला): A tool for cutting bolts.

27. Crowbar (क्रोबार): A prying tool for lifting objects.

28. Jack (जैक): A tool for lifting heavy objects.

29. Pincers (चुबारा): A tool for pulling nails.

30. Sander (सैंडर): A tool for smoothing surfaces.

31. Router (राउटर): A tool for hollowing out an area in wood.

32. Mallet (मैलेट): A hammer with a large, wooden head.

33. Rasp (रास्प): A rough file for shaping wood.

34. Wrench (चाबी): A tool for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts.

35. Hacksaw (हैकसॉ): A saw for cutting metal.

36. Rivet (रिवेट): A metal fastener with a smooth, rounded head.

37. Sledgehammer (स्लेजहैमर): A large, heavy hammer.

38. Shovel (कुदाल): A tool for digging.

39. Tongs (चिमटा): A gripping tool with two arms and a pivot.

40. Vise-Grip (वाइस ग्रिप): A type of locking pliers.

41. Wire Stripper (तार कुर्क़साने वाला): A tool for removing insulation from electrical wires.

42. Pipe Wrench (पाइप चाबी): A wrench for gripping and turning pipes.

43. Soldering Iron (सॉल्डरिंग आयरन): A tool for soldering electronic components.

44. C-Clamp (सी-क्लैम्प): A clamp with a C-shaped frame.

45. Solder (सॉल्डर): A material used to join metals.

46. Awl (आल): A pointed tool for making holes in wood or leather.

47. Hinge (बिचुए): A joint that allows a door or lid to swing open and shut.

48. Ruler (रूलर): A straight-edged measuring tool.

49. Brush (ब्रश): A tool for applying paint or coatings.

50. Staple Gun (स्टेपल गन): A tool for fastening materials with staples.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just getting started with crafting, this tools vocabulary list, complete with their Hindi meanings, will serve as a valuable resource to help you become more proficient in various tasks. So, whether you’re building, repairing, or creating, equip yourself with the right tools and watch your projects come to life with precision and excellence.

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