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50 Vegetable Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings

Vegetables are a cornerstone of our diets, adding flavor, nutrition, and color to our meals. To fully appreciate the world of vegetables and their culinary significance, it’s essential to understand the vocabulary associated with these natural wonders, along with their Hindi meanings. In this blog post, we will explore a wide range of vegetable terms and delve into their meanings in Hindi.

50 Vegetable Vocabulary- List:

Vegetable Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings

1. Potato (आलू): A starchy tuber used in various dishes.

2. Tomato (टमाटर): A juicy, red fruit often used as a vegetable.

3. Onion (प्याज): A pungent bulb used in countless recipes.

4. Garlic (लहसुन): A flavorful bulb with cloves used in cooking.

5. Carrot (गाजर): A crunchy, orange root vegetable.

6. Cucumber (खीरा): A green, watery vegetable often eaten fresh.

7. Spinach (पालक): A leafy green known for its iron content.

8. Broccoli (ब्रोकली): A green vegetable with edible stalks and florets.

9. Cauliflower (फूलगोभी): A white vegetable with a distinctive shape.

10. Bell Pepper (बेल पेपर): A colorful, sweet-tasting pepper.

11. Eggplant (बैंगन): A purple vegetable used in many dishes.

12. Spinach (पालक): A leafy green vegetable rich in nutrients.

13. Cabbage (पत्तागोभी): A round or oval vegetable with layers.

14. Pumpkin (कद्दू): A vibrant, orange squash.

15. Zucchini (ज़ुकीनी): A green summer squash.

16. Mushroom (कुकुरमुत्ता): A fungus often used in cooking.

17. Asparagus (शतावरी): A delicate green vegetable.

18. Peas (मटर): Small, green orbs often used in dishes.

19. Radish (मूली): A root vegetable with a peppery taste.

20. Corn (मक्का): A staple cereal grain with sweet kernels.

21. Beetroot (चुकंदर): A deep red root vegetable.

22. Okra (भिंडी): A green, elongated pod vegetable.

23. Cilantro (धनिया): A fragrant herb used in many cuisines.

24. Avocado (एवोकाडो): A creamy, green fruit often used in savory dishes.

25. Celery (सेलरी): A crisp, green stalk often used in salads.

26. Leek (लीक): A mild-flavored onion relative.

27. Radicchio (रेडिक्चिओ): A bitter leafy vegetable.

28. Turnip (शलजम): A round root vegetable.

29. Artichoke (हाथीचक): A thistle-like vegetable with edible parts.

30. Ginger (अदरक): A pungent root used in cooking and remedies.

31. Sweet Potato (शकरकंद): A starchy, sweet root vegetable.

32. Green Beans (फलियाँ): Long, slender, and green pods.

33. Bell Pepper (बेल पेपर): A colorful, sweet-tasting pepper.

34. Brussels Sprouts (ब्रसेल्स स्प्राउट्स): Miniature cabbages often roasted or sautéed.

35. Chard (चार्ड): A leafy green vegetable with colorful stems.

36. Pumpkin (कद्दू): A vibrant, orange squash.

37. Taro (अरबी): A starchy root vegetable used in various cuisines.

38. Watercress (जलकुश्म): A peppery, aquatic plant.

39. Daikon (मूली): A large, mild-flavored radish.

40. Shallots (शल्लोट): Small, mild onions often used in French cuisine.

41. Radicchio (रेडिक्चिओ): A bitter leafy vegetable.

42. Jicama (हीकामा): A crunchy, mildly sweet root vegetable.

43. Collard Greens (कोलार्ड ग्रीन्स): A type of leafy green.

44. Horseradish (सहजन): A pungent root used in condiments.

45. Rutabaga (रूटाबेगा): A cross between turnip and cabbage.

46. Snow Peas (स्नो पीज़): Edible-podded peas often used in stir-fries.

47. Mustard Greens (सरसों के पत्ते): Leafy greens with a peppery flavor.

48. Portobello Mushroom (पोर्टोबेलो मशरूम): A large, meaty mushroom.

49. Acorn Squash (एकॉर्न स्क्वॉश): A small, ribbed winter squash.

50. Bamboo Shoots (बांस के छल): Young shoots of the bamboo plant often used in Asian cuisine.

Understanding these vegetable terms and their Hindi meanings not only enhances your culinary skills but also helps you explore diverse cuisines and create delicious, nutritious meals. Whether you’re whipping up a favorite recipe, experimenting with international flavors, or enjoying the benefits of a healthy diet, this comprehensive vocabulary list will be your companion on your culinary journey.

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