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Parts of Body Vocabulary and Meanings in Hindi- 50

Parts of Body Vocabulary- The human body is a marvel of nature, a complex and intricate system composed of various parts that work in harmony to ensure our survival. Understanding the names of these body parts in both English and Hindi can be a valuable asset, whether you’re learning a new language or communicating with Hindi speakers. In this blog post, we’ll explore a range of body parts and their Hindi meanings to enrich your vocabulary.

Parts of Body Vocabulary- List

Parts of Body Vocabulary and Meanings in Hindi- 50

1. Head (सिर): The uppermost part of the body containing the brain.

2. Hair (बाल): The strands that grow on the head.

3. Face (चेहरा): The front of the head, including the eyes, nose, and mouth.

4. Eye (आंख): The organ for vision.

5. Ear (कान): The sensory organ for hearing.

6. Nose (नाक): The facial feature for smelling and breathing.

7. Mouth (मुँह): The opening for eating and speaking.

8. Tooth (दांत): Hard structures in the mouth used for chewing.

9. Lip (होंठ): The fleshy part framing the mouth.

10. Tongue (जीभ): The muscle in the mouth for tasting and speaking.

11. Neck (गर्दन): The part connecting the head to the body.

12. Shoulder (कंधा): The joint connecting the arm to the body.

13. Arm (बाजू): The limb extending from the shoulder to the hand.

14. Elbow (कोहनी): The joint between the upper and lower arm.

15. Hand (हाथ): The part at the end of the arm with fingers.

16. Finger (उंगली): The digits on the hand.

17. Chest (छाती): The front part of the torso.

18. Breast (स्तन): The mammary glands on the chest.

19. Heart (दिल): The organ that pumps blood.

20. Stomach (पेट): The digestive organ in the abdomen.

21. Back (पीठ): The rear part of the body.

22. Spine (रीढ़): The bones running along the back.

23. Hip (कूल्हा): The joint between the torso and the leg.

24. Leg (पैर): The limb extending from the hip to the foot.

25. Knee (घुटना): The joint between the upper and lower leg.

26. Foot (पैर का पंजा): The part at the end of the leg with toes.

27. Toe (पैर की उंगली): The digits on the foot.

28. Skin (चमड़ा): The outer covering of the body.

29. Nail (नाखून): The hard structure at the tips of fingers and toes.

30. Bone (हड्डी): The solid structure that makes up the skeleton.

31. Muscle (मांसपेशी): The tissues that allow movement.

32. Brain (मस्तिष्क): The organ for thinking and processing.

33. Lungs (फेफड़े): Organs for breathing and oxygen exchange.

34. Liver (जिगर): The organ for metabolism and detoxification.

35. Kidney (किडनी): Organs for filtering blood and producing urine.

36. Bladder (मूत्राशय): The organ for storing urine.

37. Intestines (आंतें): The digestive organs in the abdomen.

38. Spleen (तिल्ली): An organ involved in the immune system.

39. Pancreas (पैंक्रियास): An organ that produces digestive enzymes and insulin.

40. Larynx (स्वरमंडल): The voice box in the throat.

41. Throat (गला): The passage for food and air.

42. Tonsil (टॉन्सिल): Masses of lymphatic tissue in the throat.

43. Blood (रक्त): The fluid that circulates in the body.

44. Vein (शिरा): Blood vessels carrying blood toward the heart.

45. Artery (धमनी): Blood vessels carrying blood away from the heart.

46. Nerve (तंतु): The fibers that transmit signals.

47. Joint (जोड़): The point where two bones meet.

48. Wrist (कलाई): The joint connecting the hand to the arm.

49. Ankle (टखना): The joint connecting the foot to the leg.

50. Heel (एड़ी): The back part of the foot.

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