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Minerals Vocabulary with Their Hindi Names

Minerals are the hidden treasures of the Earth, coveted for their beauty, rarity, and utility. Understanding the vocabulary associated with minerals, along with their Hindi names, can deepen your appreciation of the earth’s geological wonders. In this blog post, we will explore a diverse range of minerals and delve into their meanings in Hindi.

Minerals Vocabulary with Their Hindi Names

1. Quartz (क्वार्ट्ज़): A common mineral known for its hexagonal crystals.

2. Diamond (हीरा): A precious gemstone formed under high pressure.

3. Amethyst (अमेथिस्ट): A purple variety of quartz.

4. Topaz (तोपाज़): A gemstone available in various colors.

5. Ruby (माणिक्य): A red gemstone symbolizing love and passion.

6. Emerald (पन्ना): A green gemstone associated with beauty and grace.

7. Sapphire (नीलम): A blue gemstone signifying wisdom and nobility.

8. Opal (दूधिया पत्थर): A gemstone with a play of colors.

9. Garnet (गार्नेट): A group of minerals in various colors.

10. Jade (मरामर): A green mineral associated with good luck.

11. Lapis Lazuli (लापिस लाज़ुली): A blue stone with golden specks.

12. Turquoise (फ़ीरोज़ा): A blue-green mineral often used in jewelry.

13. Hematite (लौह ओछा): A shiny black mineral with a metallic luster.

14. Pyrite (पायराइट): A mineral resembling gold in color and shine.

15. Malachite (मैलाकाइट): A green mineral with distinctive banding.

16. Azurite (अज़ुराइट): A blue mineral often found with malachite.

17. Obsidian (काला शीशा): A black, volcanic glass.

18. Fluorite (फ्लोराइट): A colorful mineral used in carvings and jewelry.

19. Citrine (सिट्रीन): A yellow or orange gemstone.

20. Moonstone (मूनस्टोन): A pearly, opalescent mineral.

21. Peridot (पेरिडोट): A green gemstone believed to bring good luck.

22. Apatite (एपेटाइट): A group of minerals in various colors.

23. Kunzite (कुंजाइट): A pink to lilac gemstone.

24. Rhodochrosite (रोडोक्रोसाइट): A pink to red mineral.

25. Beryl (बेरिल): A group of minerals, including aquamarine and emerald.

26. Calcite (केल्साइट): A common mineral with a wide range of colors.

27. Gypsum (जिप्सम): A soft, white mineral.

28. Sulfur (गंधक): A bright yellow mineral.

29. Talc (सोना पत्थर): The softest mineral on the Mohs scale.

30. Serpentine (सर्पन्टीन): A green mineral often used for carvings.

31. Malachite (मैलाकाइट): A green mineral with distinctive banding.

32. Hemimorphite (हेमिमॉरफाइट): A zinc mineral with a bluish hue.

33. Rhodonite (रोडोनाइट): A pink to red mineral often used in jewelry.

34. Howlite (होवलाइट): A white to gray mineral.

35. Petrified Wood (वनस्पति काष्ठ): Wood that has turned into stone.

36. Fluorapatite (फ्लोरआपैटाइट): A phosphate mineral.

37. Danburite (डैनब्यूराइट): A white to colorless mineral.

38. Stilbite (स्टिलबाइट): A zeolite mineral with a pearly luster.

39. Sunstone (सनस्टोन): A feldspar mineral with a glittery appearance.

40. Azurite-Malachite (अज़ुराइट-मैलाकाइट): A combination of azurite and malachite.

41. Labradorite (लैब्राडोराइट): A feldspar with iridescent colors.

42. Chalcedony (शैल्सेडनी): A variety of cryptocrystalline quartz.

43. Agate (एगेट): A type of chalcedony with colorful bands.

44. Larimar (लारिमार): A blue pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic.

45. Selenite (सेलेनाइट): A translucent form of gypsum.

Understanding these mineral terms and their Hindi meanings not only deepens your geological knowledge but also enhances your appreciation of the natural beauty found within the Earth’s crust. Whether you’re a geologist, a jewelry enthusiast, or simply someone fascinated by the Earth’s treasures, this comprehensive vocabulary list will be your guide to the diverse world of minerals.

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