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30 Clothes and Wearing Apparel Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

Clothing is more than just fabric; it’s an expression of culture, style, and identity. To delve into the world of fashion and personal expression, it’s vital to grasp the vocabulary associated with various types of clothing and wearing apparel, along with their Hindi meanings. In this blog post, we’ll embark on a sartorial journey to explore the terminology related to garments, accessories, and attire, providing insights into their Hindi equivalents.

Vocab- List

30 Clothes and Wearing Apparel Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

1. Clothing (कपड़ा): Garments collectively worn to cover the body.

2. Apparel (परिधान): Another term for clothing or attire.

3. Wardrobe (अलमारी): A collection of clothing and accessories.

4. Outfit (आउटफिट): A coordinated set of clothing and accessories.

5. Attire (वेशभूषण): Clothing or garments, often used to describe formal or special clothing.

6. Garment (कपड़ा): A single item of clothing.

7. Fabric (कपड़ा सामग्री): Material used to make clothing.

8. Dress (पोशाक): A one-piece garment covering the body.

9. Shirt (कमीज़): A garment for the upper body, typically with a collar and buttons.

10. Trousers (पतलून): Lower body clothing with separate legs for each leg.

11. Skirt (स्कर्ट): A garment for the lower body, with a waistband and a flowing bottom.

12. Jacket (जैकेट): A short coat worn over other clothing.

13. Blouse (ब्लाउज): A top for women, often with buttons or ties.

14. T-shirt (टी-शर्ट): A casual, short-sleeved top with a round neckline.

15. Coat (कोट): A long outer garment for warmth.

16. Sweater (स्वेटर): A knitted garment for warmth, often with long sleeves.

17. Scarf (मफलर): A long piece of fabric worn around the neck or head.

18. Hat (टोपी): A head covering for protection or style.

19. Gloves (दस्ताने): Hand coverings, often for warmth.

20. Shoes (जूते): Footwear for protection and fashion.

21. Socks (मोजे): Foot coverings that typically reach the ankle or calf.

22. Sandals (सैंडल): Open-toed footwear often with straps.

23. Belt (बेल्ट): A strap worn around the waist for holding up trousers or for fashion.

24. Earrings (कान की बालियाँ): Ornaments worn on the earlobes.

25. Necklace (हार): Jewelry worn around the neck.

26. Bracelet (कड़ा): An ornament worn on the wrist.

27. Handbag (हैंडबैग): A small bag carried by hand or over the shoulder.

28. Sunglasses (सनग्लास): Eyewear designed to protect the eyes from the sun.

29. Bowtie (बोटाई): A necktie tied in the shape of a bow.

30. Overalls (ओवरॉल्स): A one-piece garment covering both the upper and lower body.

Understanding these clothing-related terms and their Hindi meanings is essential for anyone interested in fashion, personal style, or the textile industry. It provides insights into the language used to describe the garments we wear to express our personalities and cultures. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a shopper, or simply curious about the diverse world of clothing, this comprehensive vocabulary list will be your guide to understanding the intricacies of dressing in style.

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