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Hospital Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings

Hospitals are places of healing and care, providing essential medical services to people in need. Understanding the vocabulary associated with hospitals, along with their Hindi meanings, is crucial for effective communication and navigating the healthcare system. In this blog post, we will explore a comprehensive range of terms related to hospitals, from medical professionals to equipment, and delve into their meanings in Hindi.

Hospital Vocabulary List-

Hospital Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings

Medical Professionals (चिकित्सा पेशेवर):

  1. Doctor (डॉक्टर): A medical professional who diagnoses and treats patients.
  2. Nurse (नर्स): A healthcare provider who assists doctors and cares for patients.
  3. Surgeon (सर्जन): A doctor who performs surgical procedures.
  4. Specialist (विशेषज्ञ): A doctor with expertise in a specific area of medicine.
  5. Pediatrician (बच्चों का डॉक्टर): A doctor who specializes in child healthcare.
  6. Anesthesiologist (अनेस्थेसियोलॉजिस्ट): A doctor who administers anesthesia during surgery.
  7. Radiologist (रेडिओलॉजिस्ट): A specialist in medical imaging techniques.
  8. Paramedic (पैरामेडिक): A trained emergency medical responder.

Hospital Facilities (अस्पताल सुविधाएँ):

  1. Emergency Room (आपातकाल कक्ष): The department for immediate medical attention.
  2. Operating Room (ऑपरेटिंग रूम): The surgical suite where surgeries are performed.
  3. ICU (Intensive Care Unit) (आईसीयू – गहरी देखभाल कक्ष): The specialized unit for critical patients.
  4. Laboratory (प्रयोगशाला): A facility for medical tests and diagnostics.
  5. Radiology Department (रेडियोलॉजी विभाग): Where medical imaging is conducted.
  6. Pharmacy (फार्मेसी): The dispensary for medications.
  7. Ambulance (एम्ब्युलेंस): A vehicle for transporting patients to the hospital.
  8. Recovery Room (सुधार कक्ष): Where patients recuperate after surgery.

Medical Equipment (चिकित्सा उपकरण):

  1. Stethoscope (स्थेतोस्कोप): A tool to listen to heart and lung sounds.
  2. X-ray Machine (एक्स-रे मशीन): For capturing internal images of the body.
  3. MRI Machine (एमआरआई मशीन): Magnetic Resonance Imaging for detailed scans.
  4. Ultrasound Machine (अल्ट्रासाउंड मशीन): Used for imaging internal organs.
  5. Ventilator (वेंटिलेटर): A machine that assists with breathing.
  6. Defibrillator (डिफिब्रिलेटर): Used to restart the heart’s normal rhythm.
  7. IV (Intravenous) Drip (आंतरशिरा टेढ़ा): Administering fluids and medications.

Medical Conditions (चिकित्सा स्थितियाँ):

  1. Fever (बुखार): Elevated body temperature often due to infection.
  2. Fracture (टूट): A broken bone.
  3. Diabetes (मधुमेह): A chronic condition affecting blood sugar levels.
  4. Hypertension (उच्च रक्तचाप): High blood pressure.
  5. Infection (संक्रमण): The invasion of the body by harmful microorganisms.
  6. Allergy (एलर्जी): An immune system reaction to specific substances.
  7. Stroke (लकवा): A sudden disruption of blood flow to the brain.

Medications (दवाएँ):

  1. Antibiotics (एंटीबायोटिक्स): Medications to treat bacterial infections.
  2. Analgesic (पीड़ानाशक): Pain-relief medication.
  3. Antipyretic (तापनाशक): Medication to reduce fever.
  4. Antihistamine (एंटीहिस्टामीन): Used to relieve allergy symptoms.
  5. Vaccination (टीकाकरण): Immunization to prevent diseases.

Patient Care (रोगी देखभाल):

  1. Diagnosis (रोगों का पता लगाना): Determining a patient’s illness.
  2. Treatment (उपचार): Medical care to alleviate symptoms.
  3. Surgery (शल्य चिकित्सा): Medical procedures to treat conditions.
  4. Medication (दवा): Prescribed drugs for treatment.
  5. Rehabilitation (पुनर्वास): Recovery programs to regain health.

Understanding these hospital-related terms and their Hindi meanings is not only essential for patients and their families but also for healthcare professionals. It facilitates clear communication and ensures that individuals receive the care they need. Whether you’re seeking medical attention, working in the healthcare industry, or simply interested in healthcare terminology, this comprehensive vocabulary list will be your guide to navigating the world of hospitals and healthcare.

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