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Flower Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings- 50

Vocab- Flowers, with their enchanting fragrances and captivating colors, have been an integral part of human culture and nature for centuries. Whether you’re a botany enthusiast, a budding gardener, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of blooms, knowing the names of flowers in both English and Hindi can deepen your connection with these natural wonders.

Flower Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings- 50

In this blog post, we’ll take a journey through the world of flowers and explore their Hindi meanings to enhance your floral vocabulary.

1.Rose (गुलाब): The symbol of love and beauty, often in shades of red and pink.

2. Sunflower (सूरजमुखी): A bright yellow flower that follows the sun.

3. Daisy (डेज़ी): A simple, white flower with a yellow center.

4. Lily (कुमुदिनी): A fragrant flower with elegant, trumpet-shaped petals.

5. Tulip (ट्यूलिप): A cup-shaped flower in various colors.

6. Orchid (ऑर्किड): An exotic flower known for its intricate beauty.

7. Marigold (गेंदा): A vibrant, orange flower with a strong fragrance.

8. Jasmine (चमेली): A white, fragrant flower often used in perfumes.

9. Lotus (कमल): A sacred flower in India, symbolizing purity.

10. Poppy (अफीम की फूल): A colorful flower known for its seeds used in cooking.

11. Daffodil (डैफ़ोडिल): A bright yellow flower with a trumpet-shaped center.

12. Peony (पियोनी): A lush, pink flower with multiple layers of petals.

13. Carnation (कर्नेशन): A fragrant flower with ruffled petals in various colors.

14. Hyacinth (ह्यासिंथ): A fragrant, bell-shaped flower in various colors.

15. Chrysanthemum (गुलदूदी): A popular flower with intricate petals in multiple colors.

16. Iris (आईरिस): A flower known for its striking, sword-like leaves.

17. Lavender (लैवेंडर): A fragrant, purple flower often used in aromatherapy.

18. Camellia (कैमिलिया): A beautiful, waxy-petaled flower.

19. Geranium (गेरेनियम): A versatile flower with numerous varieties.

20. Magnolia (मैग्नोलिया): A fragrant, creamy-white flower.

21. Primrose (प्राइमरोज़): A delicate, early-blooming flower.

22. Zinnia (जिनिया): A vibrant flower in various colors.

23. Pansy (पैंसी): A colorful flower with a “face.”

24. Dahlia (डेलिया): A showy flower with multiple petals.

25. Buttercup (बटरकप): A small, yellow flower.

26. Snapdragon (स्नैपड्रैगन): A unique flower with a dragon-like appearance.

27. Bluebell (ब्लूबेल): A charming, blue-violet flower.

28. Amaryllis (एमरिलिस): A stunning, trumpet-shaped flower.

29. Foxglove (फॉक्सग्लव): A tall, tubular flower in various colors.

30. Anemone (एनिमोन): A delicate flower in shades of white, pink, and purple.

31. Bleeding Heart (ब्लीडिंग हार्ट): A romantic, heart-shaped flower.

32. Forget-Me-Not (फॉरगेट-मी-नॉट): A small, blue flower with a sentimental name.

33. Sweet Pea (स्वीट पी): A fragrant flower in various pastel shades.

34. Columbine (कॉलमबाइन): A unique flower with spiky petals.

35. Honeysuckle (हनीसकल): A fragrant, climbing flower.

36. Bougainvillea (बूगेनविलिया): A vibrant flower with papery bracts.

37. Dandelion (डैंडीलायन): A common, yellow flower with fluffy seeds.

38. Wisteria (विस्टीरिया): A cascading, purple flower.

39. Gladiolus (ग्लेडियोलस): A tall flower with multiple blooms.

40. Nasturtium (नेस्टर्शम): A vibrant, edible flower.

41. Petunia (पेट्यूनिया): A popular flower in various colors.

42. Blewit (ब्ल्यूइट): A unique, purple mushroom-like flower.

43. Queen Anne’s Lace (क्वीन एन्न्स लेस): A delicate, white flower.

44. Bird of Paradise (बर्ड ऑफ पैराडाइस): A tropical, exotic flower.

45. Alstroemeria (अल्स्ट्रोमेरिया): A striking, multicolored flower.

46. Ranunculus (रैनन्क्युलस): A rose-like flower in various colors.

47. Bouquet (बुके): A collection of flowers arranged for gifting.

48. Garland (हार): A decorative, looped arrangement of flowers.

49. Fern (पत्तियों की पौधा): A plant known for its feathery leaves.

50. Daisy (डेज़ी): A name shared with a famous flower as well as a girl’s name.

Flowers, beyond their aesthetic appeal, hold cultural significance and have been used for various purposes, from celebrations to expressing emotions. Knowing their names in Hindi adds depth to your understanding and appreciation of these natural wonders. So, whether you’re planning to gift a bouquet, identify a wildflower, or simply admire the blooms in your garden, this floral vocabulary list will be your trusty companion on your journey through the world of flowers.

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