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18 Tree and their Parts vocab with Hindi Meanings

Vocab- Trees are the silent giants of our natural world, offering us shelter, oxygen, and beauty. To truly appreciate the magnificence of trees, it’s essential to comprehend the vocabulary associated with their various parts, along with their Hindi meanings. In this blog post, we’ll embark on an educational journey to explore the different components of trees, from the roots to the canopy, and delve into their Hindi equivalents.

Vocab 8 Tree and their Parts- List

18 Tree and their Parts vocab with Hindi Meanings

1. Roots (रेशा): The underground part of a tree that anchors it to the ground and absorbs water and nutrients.

2. Trunk (तना): The thick, central stem of a tree that supports branches and leaves.

3. Bark (छाल): The protective outer layer of a tree’s trunk and branches.

4. Branches (शाखाएँ): The smaller divisions of the trunk that bear leaves, flowers, and fruit.

5. Leaves (पत्तियाँ): The green, flat structures on branches where photosynthesis occurs.

6. Flowers (फूल): The reproductive structures of a tree, producing seeds.

7. Fruits (फल): The mature ovaries containing seeds that develop from flowers.

8. Seeds (बीज): The small, reproductive units of a tree.

9. Twigs (छोटी टहनियाँ): Small branches or divisions of branches.

10. Canopy (छाया): The uppermost layer of leaves and branches that provides shade.

11. Sapwood (कृतमांजी): The living, outermost wood in a tree’s trunk, responsible for transporting water and nutrients.

12. Heartwood (मध्यवन): The inner, non-living part of the trunk, providing structural support.

13. Xylem (क्षीरम): The tissue responsible for transporting water and minerals from the roots to the rest of the tree.

14. Phloem (फ्लोएम): The tissue responsible for transporting sugars and nutrients throughout the tree.

15. Stump (गूठा): The base of a tree remaining after it has been cut or fallen.

16. Buds (कलिकाएँ): Small, undeveloped shoots that can grow into branches or flowers.

17. Cambium (कैम्बियम): The layer of cells responsible for tree growth and producing new wood and bark.

18. Cones (कोन): The reproductive structures of conifer trees, producing seeds.

Understanding these tree-related terms and their Hindi meanings is not only essential for arborists and botanists but also for nature enthusiasts and those interested in conservation. It promotes a deeper connection with the natural world and aids in the conservation and preservation of our valuable forests and green spaces. Whether you’re a tree enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply curious about the world of trees, this comprehensive vocabulary list will serve as your guide to understanding the anatomy of trees and their vital role in our ecosystem.

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