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Relation Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings

Relationships form the heart and soul of human existence. Understanding and expressing the various facets of these connections in both English and Hindi can deepen our appreciation of our loved ones. In this blog post, we’ll explore a range of relationships and their Hindi meanings to enhance your relational vocabulary.

Relation Vocabulary – List

Relation Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings

1.Family (परिवार): The foundation of our lives, consisting of parents, siblings, and more.

2. Father (पिता): The paternal figure in the family.

3. Mother (माँ): The maternal figure who nurtures and cares.

4. Brother (भाई): A male sibling.

5. Sister (बहन): A female sibling.

6. Grandfather (दादा/नाना): The father of one’s parent.

7. Grandmother (दादी/नानी): The mother of one’s parent.

8. Son (बेटा): A male child.

9. Daughter (बेटी): A female child.

10. Husband (पति): The male spouse in a marriage.

11. Wife (पत्नी): The female spouse in a marriage.

12. Uncle (चाचा/मामा): A brother of one’s parent.

13. Aunt (चाची/मामी): The wife of one’s uncle.

14. Nephew (भांजा): The son of one’s sibling.

15. Niece (भांजी): The daughter of one’s sibling.

16. Cousin (चचेरा/भाई-बहन): A relative from an extended family.

17. In-Laws (ससुराल): The family of one’s spouse.

18. Father-in-law (ससुर): The father of one’s spouse.

19. Mother-in-law (सास): The mother of one’s spouse.

20. Brother-in-law (जीजा/देवर): The brother of one’s spouse.

21. Sister-in-law (साली/ननद): The sister of one’s spouse.

22. Son-in-law (दामाद): The husband of one’s daughter.

23. Daughter-in-law (बहु): The wife of one’s son.

24. Godfather (पाद्री/कंपाड़ी): A male figure responsible for a child’s religious upbringing.

25. Godmother (पादरी/कंपाड़ी): A female figure responsible for a child’s religious upbringing.

26. Guardian (अधिकारी): Someone legally responsible for a minor’s care.

27. Sibling (सहोदर/सहोबहिन): A brother or sister.

28. Twin (जुड़वां/समान): A sibling born at the same time.

29. Parent (माता-पिता): A mother or father.

30. Child (बच्चा/बच्ची): A son or daughter.

31. Stepfather (सौतेला पिता): A man who is not one’s biological father but acts as a father figure.

32. Stepmother (सौतेली माँ): A woman who is not one’s biological mother but acts as a mother figure.

33. Foster Parent (पालक-माता/पालक-पिता): An adult who cares for a child temporarily.

34. Guardian (प्रतिरक्षक): Someone who takes care of another person, often a child.

35. Sibling-in-law (साला/साली): The sibling of one’s spouse.

36. Mentor (मार्गदर्शक/शिक्षक): A wise and trusted advisor.

37. Acquaintance (जान पहचान): Someone you know but not closely.

38. Colleague (सहयोगी): A person with whom you work.

39. Friend (दोस्त): A person you have a close and trusting relationship with.

40. Best Friend (सबसे अच्छा दोस्त): A person with whom you share a deep bond.

41. Companion (साथी/संगी): A person who accompanies and supports you.

42. Confidant (गुप्तचर/विश्वासी): A trusted friend with whom you share your secrets.

43. Soulmate (आत्मा सथी/जीवन साथी): A person with whom you have a deep and unexplainable connection.

44. Partner (संगी): A person with whom you share a romantic relationship.

45. Fiancé (मंगेतर/प्रेमिका): A person engaged to be married.

46. Spouse (जीवनसाथी/अधिकारी): A person to whom you are married.

47. Ex (पूर्व/पूर्व-पति/पूर्व-पत्नी): A person with whom you were previously in a relationship.

48. Crush (मनमोहक/प्रेमिका): Someone you have a romantic interest in.

49. Love (प्रेम/प्यार): A profound affection for someone.

50. Mentor (मार्गदर्शक/शिक्षक): A wise and trusted advisor who guides and teaches.

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Understanding these relationship terms and their Hindi meanings not only aids in effective communication but also deepens your connection with your loved ones. Whether you’re strengthening family bonds, finding your soulmate, or simply enjoying the company of your friends, this relational vocabulary list will be your companion on your journey through the world of connections and bonds.

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