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34 Police Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

The police are the backbone of any society, working tirelessly to maintain law and order, protect citizens, and uphold justice. To better understand the world of law enforcement, it’s essential to grasp the vocabulary associated with policing, along with their Hindi meanings. In this blog post, we will explore a comprehensive range of terms related to the police force, from ranks and equipment to legal procedures, and delve into their meanings in Hindi.

34 Police Vocabulary- List

34 Police Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

Police Ranks (पुलिस अधिकारी ग्रेड):

  1. Police Officer (पुलिस अधिकारी): A uniformed law enforcement personnel.
  2. Constable (कांस्टेबल): A lower-ranking police officer.
  3. Sergeant (सारजेंट): A supervisory officer responsible for a squad.
  4. Inspector (निरीक्षक): A higher-ranking officer overseeing investigations.
  5. Superintendent (सुपरइंटेंडेंट): A senior officer in charge of a district.
  6. Commissioner (कमिशनर): The highest-ranking officer in a city or region.
  7. Detective (डिटेक्टिव): An officer specializing in criminal investigations.

Police Equipment (पुलिस उपकरण):

  1. Badge (पटक): An officer’s emblem of authority.
  2. Handcuffs (हडकफ): Restraints used to detain suspects.
  3. Batons (डण्ड): Extendable sticks for self-defense.
  4. Taser (टेज़र): An electroshock weapon for immobilization.
  5. Body Camera (शरीर कैमरा): A camera worn by officers to record interactions.
  6. K-9 Unit (कुत्ता यूनिट): Police dogs trained for various tasks.
  7. Patrol Car (पैट्रोल कार): Police vehicle for routine patrolling.
  8. Siren (सायरन): A warning device on police vehicles.
  9. Bulletproof Vest (गोलीप्रूफ जैकेट): Protective armor for officers.

Legal Procedures (कानूनी प्रक्रिया):

  1. Arrest (गिरफ्तारी): The act of taking a person into custody.
  2. Miranda Rights (मिरांडा अधिकार): Rights read to a suspect upon arrest.
  3. Interrogation (पूछताच करना): Questioning a suspect in custody.
  4. Warrant (वारंट): A legal document authorizing a search or arrest.
  5. Testimony (गवाही): Evidence given in court by a witness.
  6. Evidence (सबूत): Information used to establish facts in a case.
  7. Misdemeanor (अपराध): A minor criminal offense.
  8. Felony (दंड): A serious criminal offense.

Crime Types (अपराध प्रकार):

  1. Robbery (डकैती): The act of stealing from a person or place.
  2. Burglary (घर में चोरी): Illegally entering a building to commit theft.
  3. Assault (हमला): A violent attack on someone.
  4. Homicide (हत्या): The unlawful killing of a person.
  5. Kidnapping (अपहरण): Abducting and holding someone against their will.
  6. Forgery (जालसाजी): Creating counterfeit documents or currency.

Legal System (कानूनी तंत्र):

  1. Judge (न्यायाधीश): A legal authority presiding over court proceedings.
  2. Prosecutor (अभियोक्ता): A lawyer representing the state in criminal cases.
  3. Defense Attorney (बचाव वकील): A lawyer representing the defendant.
  4. Jury (मुख्य न्यायिक परिषद): A group of citizens that decides the verdict in a trial.

Understanding these police-related terms and their Hindi meanings is not only essential for those in law enforcement but also for citizens navigating the legal system. It promotes clear communication and a better grasp of the role police play in maintaining order and safety. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, a legal professional, or simply interested in law enforcement terminology, this comprehensive vocabulary list will be your guide to understanding the world of policing and law enforcement.

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