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Zodiac Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

Vocab-The zodiac, a celestial belt divided into twelve segments, has fascinated humans for millennia. Each sign represents unique personality traits and characteristics, making it a source of intrigue and inspiration. To fully immerse yourself in the world of astrology, it’s essential to understand the vocabulary associated with the zodiac, along with their Hindi meanings. In this blog post, we’ll explore the terminology related to the zodiac signs, offering insights into their Hindi counterparts.

Zodiac Vocabulary- List

Zodiac Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

1. Zodiac (राशि): The circle of twelve astrological signs.

2. Aries (मेष): The first sign, known for its dynamic and enthusiastic nature.

3. Taurus (वृष): The second sign, representing determination and stability.

4. Gemini (मिथुन): The third sign, associated with curiosity and adaptability.

5. Cancer (कर्कट): The fourth sign, symbolizing compassion and intuition.

6. Leo (सिंह): The fifth sign, known for its confidence and leadership.

7. Virgo (कन्या): The sixth sign, representing practicality and attention to detail.

8. Libra (तुला): The seventh sign, associated with balance and harmony.

9. Scorpio (वृश्चिक): The eighth sign, symbolizing intensity and determination.

10. Sagittarius (धनु): The ninth sign, known for its adventurous and open-minded nature.

11. Capricorn (मकर): The tenth sign, representing discipline and responsibility.

12. Aquarius (कुम्भ): The eleventh sign, associated with innovation and humanitarianism.

13. Pisces (मीन): The twelfth sign, symbolizing empathy and artistic sensibility.

14. Horoscope (राशिफल): A personalized astrological forecast based on one’s zodiac sign.

15. Astrologer (ज्योतिषी): A person who interprets and predicts events using astrology.

16. Constellation (नक्षत्रमंडल): A group of stars forming a recognizable pattern.

17. Natal Chart (जन्मकुंडली): A map of the sky at the exact moment of one’s birth, used in astrology.

18. Retrograde (वाक्री): The apparent backward motion of a planet.

19. Element (तत्व): Earth, water, air, and fire, each associated with different signs.

20. Zodiac Wheel (राशिचक्र): The circle of zodiac signs in their order.

21. Astrological House (ज्योतिष भाव): Twelve divisions of a natal chart, each representing a different area of life.

22. Rising Sign (लग्न): The zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of birth.

23. Sun Sign (सूर्य की राशि): The zodiac sign based on the position of the sun at birth.

24. Moon Sign (चंद्र राशि): The zodiac sign based on the position of the moon at birth.

25. Planets (ग्रह): Celestial bodies with astrological significance.

26. Transits (गोचर): The movement of planets in relation to one’s natal chart.

27. Aspects (परिपेक्ष्य): The angles between planets in a natal chart, influencing interpretations.

28. Astrological Compatibility (ज्योतिषी संगठन): The assessment of the compatibility between two individuals based on their zodiac signs.

29. Retrograde (वाक्री): The apparent backward motion of a planet.

30. Solar Eclipse (सूर्य ग्रहण): The blocking of the sun’s light by the moon.

Understanding these zodiac-related terms and their Hindi meanings is not only essential for astrologers and enthusiasts but also for those who are curious about the world of astrology and its influence on our lives. It offers insights into the language and concepts of this ancient practice. Whether you’re an avid horoscope reader, a curious skeptic, or simply intrigued by the celestial mysteries, this comprehensive vocabulary list will be your guide to exploring the fascinating realm of the zodiac.

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