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30 Sports-Related Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

vocabulary- Sports are a universal language, bringing people together in the pursuit of physical excellence and friendly competition. To fully appreciate the world of sports, it’s important to understand the vocabulary associated with various sports, along with their meanings in Hindi. In this blog post, we will explore a wide range of sports-related terms, from the names of popular sports to equipment and key phrases, and delve into their meanings in Hindi.

30 Sports-Related Vocabulary- List

30 Sports-Related Vocabulary with Hindi Meanings

Popular Sports (पॉप्युलर खेल):

  1. Football (फुटबॉल): A team sport played with a ball, also known as soccer.
  2. Cricket (क्रिकेट): A bat-and-ball game popular in many countries.
  3. Tennis (टेनिस): A racquet sport played on a rectangular court.
  4. Basketball (बास्केटबॉल): A team sport played with a ball and hoop.
  5. Badminton (बैडमिंटन): A racquet sport played over a net.
  6. Hockey (हॉकी): A fast-paced sport played on ice or grass.
  7. Volleyball (वॉलीबॉल): A team sport played over a net.
  8. Swimming (तैराकी): A water sport involving different strokes.
  9. Athletics (एथलेटिक्स): Track and field events, including running, jumping, and throwing.
  10. Wrestling (कुश्ती): A combat sport involving grappling.

Sports Equipment (खेल के उपकरण):

  1. Racquet (रैकेट): A bat with strings used in tennis, badminton, and squash.
  2. Ball (गेंद): Spherical equipment used in many sports.
  3. Net (जाल): A mesh structure used in games like tennis and volleyball.
  4. Goal (लक्ष्य): The target area in games like football and hockey.
  5. Bat (बल्ला): A flat tool used in cricket and baseball.
  6. Helmet (हेलमेट): Protective headgear used in contact sports.
  7. Gloves (दस्ताने): Hand coverings worn in sports like boxing and cricket.
  8. Swimsuit (स्विमसूट): Clothing for swimmers.
  9. Stadium (स्टेडियम): A venue for sporting events.

Key Phrases (महत्वपूर्ण वाक्यांश):

  1. Score a Goal (गोल बनाना): To successfully put the ball in the opposing team’s goal.
  2. Hit a Six (छक्का मारना): A term used in cricket when the ball is hit out of the field.
  3. Serve (सर्व करना): To start a point in tennis or badminton.
  4. Home Run (होम रन): A term used in baseball when the batter hits the ball out of the park.
  5. Sprint (स्प्रिंट): A short, high-speed run in athletics.
  6. Dribble (ड्रिबल करना): To move a ball by bouncing it, used in basketball and football.
  7. Penalty Kick (पेनल्टी किक): A free kick in football from the penalty spot.
  8. Referee (मैदान का दर्दी): The official who enforces the rules of the game.
  9. Overtime (अधिककाल): Extra playing time when a game is tied.
  10. Podium (पॉडियम): The platform where winners stand to receive medals.
  11. Cheer for the Team (टीम के लिए तालियां बजाना): To show support for a sports team.

Understanding these sports-related terms and their Hindi meanings is not only essential for athletes and sports enthusiasts but also for fans and spectators. It enriches the sports experience and fosters a deeper connection with the games we love. Whether you’re an athlete, a sports fan, or someone looking to explore the world of sports, this comprehensive vocabulary list will be your guide to understanding and enjoying the world of sports.

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