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Ornaments and Jewels Vocabulary with Their Hindi Meanings

Ornaments and jewels vocab have held a special place in human culture for centuries, not just for their aesthetic value but also for their symbolic significance. Understanding the vocabulary associated with these adornments, along with their Hindi meanings, can deepen our appreciation of the art of jewelry and personal adornment. In this blog post, we’ll delve into a wide range of ornaments and jewels and explore their meanings in Hindi.

Ornaments and Jewels Vocabulary

1. Necklace (हार): A decorative chain or string of precious stones or metal worn around the neck.

2. Earrings (कान की बालियाँ): Decorative jewelry worn on the ears.

3. Bracelet (कड़ा): A circular band worn on the wrist.

4. Ring (अंगूठी): A circular band often adorned with gemstones, worn on the finger.

5. Pendant (पेंडेंट): A small ornament, often on a chain, hanging from the neck.

6. Brooch (पिन): A decorative pin or clip, typically worn on clothing.

7. Anklet (पायल): A chain or band worn around the ankle.

8. Tiara (टियारा): A jeweled, often crown-like headpiece.

9. Cufflinks (कफलिंक्स): Decorative fasteners for shirts with holes on both sides.

10. Choker (चोकर): A close-fitting necklace worn around the neck.

11. Bangle (चूड़ी): A circular bracelet, typically made of metal, wood, or plastic.

12. Nose Ring (नथ): A piece of jewelry worn in the nose.

13. Hairpin (कांच की चुड़ी): A pin used to hold hair in place.

14. Locket (लॉकेट): A small ornament with a hinged cover, often containing a picture.

15. Hair Clip (बाल क्लिप): A clip used to secure hair.

16. Cuff Bracelet (कफ कड़ा): A bracelet designed to be worn on the wrist or forearm.

17. Waist Chain (कमर कड़ा): A chain worn around the waist.

18. Armlet (बाजूबंद): A decorative band worn on the upper arm.

19. Toe Ring (पैर की अंगूठी): A ring worn on the toes.

20. Stud (स्टड): A small earring with a single gem or design.

21. Lavalier (लावलियर): A pendant worn on a chain around the neck.

22. Rosary (माला): A beaded necklace used for prayer.

23. Watch (घड़ी): A timekeeping accessory worn on the wrist.

24. Gemstone (रत्न): A precious or semi-precious stone used in jewelry.

25. Pearl (मोती): A lustrous, round gemstone formed within the shells of mollusks.

26. Diamond (हीरा): A brilliant and valuable gemstone.

27. Emerald (पन्ना): A green gemstone often associated with beauty and love.

28. Ruby (माणिक्य): A red gemstone symbolizing passion and love.

29. Sapphire (नीलम): A blue gemstone representing wisdom and nobility.

30. Amethyst (अमेथिस्ट): A purple gemstone believed to promote sobriety and tranquility.

31. Topaz (तोपाज़): A yellow, pink, or blue gemstone symbolizing love and affection.

32. Jade (मरामर): A green gemstone associated with good luck and protection.

33. Opal (दूधिया पत्थर): A multi-colored gemstone with a unique play of colors.

34. Onyx (ओनिक्स): A black or banded gemstone associated with protection.

35. Coral (मूंगा): A red or pink gemstone derived from coral reefs.

36. Amber (काहरूआ): A fossilized tree resin often used in jewelry.

37. Carnelian (लस्सा): An orange or red gemstone associated with courage.

38. Peridot (पेरिडोट): A green gemstone believed to bring good fortune.

39. Aquamarine (एक्वामरीन): A pale blue gemstone reminiscent of the sea.

40. Tanzanite (टांजनाइट): A violet-blue gemstone found in Tanzania.

41. Malachite (मैलाकाइट): A green gemstone with distinctive banding.

42. Moonstone (मूनस्टोन): A gemstone known for its shimmering, pearly luster.

43. Citrine (सिट्रीन): A yellow gemstone associated with happiness and success.

44. Chrysoberyl (क्रिसोबरिल): A green or yellow gemstone with cat’s eye or alexandrite varieties.

45. Larimar (लारिमार): A blue gemstone found in the Dominican Republic.

Understanding these ornament and jewel terms and their Hindi meanings not only enhances your appreciation of these adornments but also allows you to communicate more effectively when shopping for or discussing jewelry. Whether it’s selecting the perfect necklace for a special occasion or appreciating the beauty of gemstones, this vocabulary list will be your companion on your journey through the world of personal adornment.

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