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Stationery Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings -50

Stationery, with its pens, paper, and tools of creativity, has long been the companion of artists, writers, and students alike. To elevate your understanding and usage of these everyday tools, this blog post explores a comprehensive list of stationery vocabulary with their Hindi meanings, enhancing your ability to express yourself.

Stationery Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings -50

Stationery Vocabulary and Their Hindi Meanings -50

1.Pen (क़लम): A writing instrument with ink.

2. Pencil (पेंसिल): A writing tool with a graphite core.

3. Eraser (रबर): A tool for removing pencil marks.

4. Paper (कागज़): A thin material for writing and drawing.

5. Notebook (नोटबुक): A book for writing notes.

6. Notepad (नोटपैड): A pad of paper for writing notes.

7. Clipboard (क्लिपबोर्ड): A flat writing surface with a clip for holding paper.

8. Journal (जर्नल/डायरी): A personal book for writing thoughts and experiences.

9. Diary (डायरी): A daily record of events and personal thoughts.

10. Marker (मार्कर): A writing tool with a bold tip.

11. Highlighter (हाईलाइटर): A marker used to highlight text.

12. Fountain Pen (फ़ॉन्टन पेन): A pen with a refillable ink reservoir.

13. Ballpoint Pen (बॉलपॉइंट पेन): A pen with a small ball for writing.

14. Gel Pen (जेल पेन): A pen that uses gel ink.

15. Calligraphy Pen (कैलीग्राफ़ी पेन): A pen designed for decorative writing.

16. Mechanical Pencil (मैकेनिकल पेंसिल): A pencil with a replaceable lead.

17. Sketchbook (स्केचबुक): A book for drawing and sketching.

18. Watercolor Paper (वॉटरकलर कागज़): Paper designed for watercolor painting.

19. Canvas (कैनवास): A fabric used for painting.

20. Easel (इज़ल): A stand for holding artwork.

21. Scissors (कैंची): Cutting tools with two sharp blades.

22. Ruler (रूलर): A straight-edged measuring tool.

23. Compass (कम्पास): A tool for drawing circles and arcs.

24. Protractor (प्रोट्रैक्टर): A tool for measuring angles.

25. Paper Clip (कगज क्लिप): A device for holding paper together.

26. Stapler (स्टेपलर): A device for binding paper with staples.

27. Tape (टेप): Adhesive material for joining paper.

28. Glue (ग्लू): Adhesive substance for sticking items together.

29. Pushpin (पुशपिन): A pin with a plastic or metal head.

30. Folder (फ़ोल्डर): A cover for holding papers.

31. Binder (बाइंडर): A book-like device for holding documents.

32. Envelope (लिफ़ाफ़ा): A paper covering for mailing documents.

33. Rubber Band (रबर बैंड): Elastic bands for holding items together.

34. Writing Pad (लिखने का पैड): A pad of paper for writing.

35. Post-it Note (पोस्ट-इट नोट): Sticky notes for quick reminders.

36. Pencil Sharpener (पेंसिल शार्पनर): A tool for sharpening pencils.

37. File (फ़ाइल): A container for organizing documents.

38. Sticky Tape (स्टिकी टेप): Adhesive tape used for various purposes.

39. Chalk (चॉक): A writing tool for chalkboards.

40. Crayon (क्रेयॉन): A colored wax drawing tool.

41. Compass (कम्पास): A tool for drawing circles.

42. Ink (स्याही): A liquid for writing and drawing.

43. Palette (पैलेट): A flat surface for mixing colors.

44. Sharpie (शार्पी): A brand of permanent markers.

45. Blotting Paper (ब्लॉटिंग पेपर): Paper used to absorb excess ink.

46. Quill (खग्रद्ध): A feather used as a pen.

47. Calligraphy Brush (कैलीग्राफ़ी ब्रश): A brush for decorative writing.

48. Manuscript (लिपिका): A handwritten or typed document.

49. Whiteout (व्हाइटआउट): Correction fluid to cover mistakes.

50. Sketch Pad (स्केच पैड): A pad for drawing and sketching.

This extensive list of stationery vocabulary and their Hindi meanings will not only help you communicate effectively but also empower your creative endeavors and organizational skills. So whether you’re an artist, writer, student, or professional, these stationery essentials will be your trusted companions in your everyday life.

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