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Fruits Vocabulary with their Hindi Meanings- 50

Fruits are not only delicious but also an essential part of a healthy diet. If you’re a language enthusiast or just looking to improve your Hindi vocabulary, learning the names of fruits in Hindi is a great start. Here are 50 fruits and their Hindi meanings to enhance your linguistic skills. Whether you’re at the market or dining with friends, impressing with your bilingual fruit knowledge is now within your grasp.

Fruits Vocabulary with their Hindi Meanings- 50

Fruits Vocabulary with their Hindi Meanings List

1. Apple (सेब): A round fruit with red or green skin.

2. Banana (केला): A long, curved fruit with yellow skin.

3. Orange (संतरा): A citrus fruit with orange skin.

4. Mango (आम): A sweet, juicy fruit with a stone inside.

5. Grapes (अंगूर): Small, round or oval fruits in clusters.

6. Pineapple (अनानास): A tropical fruit with a prickly skin.

7. Watermelon (तरबूज): A large, juicy fruit with green skin and pink flesh.

8. Strawberry (स्ट्रॉबेरी): Small, red, juicy berries.

9. Blueberry (ब्लूबेरी): Small, round, bluish-purple berries.

10. Raspberry (रस्पबेरी): Small, red or black berries.

11. Blackberry (ब्लैकबेरी): Dark, juicy, and sweet berries.

12. Lemon (नींबू): A sour, yellow citrus fruit.

13. Lime (नीबू): A small, green citrus fruit.

14. Kiwi (कीवी): A small, fuzzy fruit with green flesh.

15. Peach (आड़ू): A juicy fruit with soft, fuzzy skin.

16. Pear (नाशपाती): A sweet fruit with a narrow top and wide bottom.

17. Plum (आलूबुखारा): A small, sweet fruit with a stone inside.

18. Papaya (पपीता): A tropical fruit with orange flesh.

19. Cherry (चेरी): Small, red or black fruit with a pit.

20. Apricot (खुबानी): Small, orange fruit with a stone inside.

21. Fig (अंजीर): A sweet fruit with a soft, wrinkled skin.

22. Guava (अमरूद): A tropical fruit with green or yellow skin.

23. Coconut (नारियल): A large, brown, and hairy fruit with white flesh.

24. Avocado (एवोकाडो): A creamy fruit with green or brown skin.

25. Pomegranate (अनार): A red fruit with juicy, edible seeds.

26. Passion fruit (पैशन फ्रूट): A round or oval fruit with a tough rind.

27. Dragon fruit (ड्रैगन फ्रूट): A fruit with pink or yellow skin and white flesh speckled with black seeds.

28. Lychee (लीची): Small, round fruit with rough, pink skin.

29. Tangerine (किन्नू): A small, sweet citrus fruit.

30. Cranberry (क्रैनबेरी): Small, red, tart berries.

31. Date (खजूर): A sweet, brown fruit from date palm trees.

32. Elderberry (एल्डरबेरी): Small, dark purple or black berries.

33. Gooseberry (आँवला): Small, green or red berries.

34. Jackfruit (कटहल): A large, green, spiky fruit with sweet, yellow flesh.

35. Kiwifruit (किवी फल): A small, green fruit with tiny black seeds.

36. Mulberry (शहतूत): Sweet, dark purple or black berries.

37. Nectarine (नेक्टरीन): A smooth-skinned variety of peach.

38. Persimmon (अमरफल): Orange or red fruit with sweet flesh.

39. Quince (बही): A fragrant fruit with a tough skin.

40. Star fruit (करमबोला): A yellow or green fruit with a star-like shape.

41. Rambutan (रांबुटान): A hairy, red or yellow fruit with sweet flesh.

42. Guanabana (गुआनाबना): A spiky, green fruit with white, creamy flesh.

43. Durian (दुरियन): A large, smelly fruit with custard-like flesh.

44. Ackee (ऐकी): A red fruit with poisonous seeds, native to West Africa.

45. Longan (लोंगन): Small, round fruit with translucent flesh.

46. Kumquat (कमकट): Small, orange citrus fruit, often eaten whole.

47. Tamarind (इमली): A brown pod with sweet and sour pulp.

48. Sapodilla (चीकू): A brown, grainy fruit with sweet, grainy flesh.

49. Horned melon (हॉर्न्ड मेलन): A spiky, yellow or orange fruit with green flesh.

50. Jabuticaba (जबुटिकाबा): A purple or black fruit that grows directly on the trunk of the tree.

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