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Prepositions- Class-6

Prepositions are the unsung heroes of language, providing the essential structure that connects words and ideas. These small but powerful words serve as bridges, clarifying relationships in sentences and making our communication more precise. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll embark on a journey to explore prepositions, their types, functions, and their pivotal role in both the English and Hindi languages. Throughout, we’ll provide examples in both languages to illustrate their usage and offer a comprehensive understanding.


Prepositions Definition (पूर्वसर्ग की परिभाषा):

A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other elements in a sentence. Prepositions establish connections in time, place, direction, or manner.

Types of Prepositions (पूर्वसर्ग के प्रकार):

  1. Time Prepositions (समय पूर्वसर्ग):
    • Time prepositions indicate when an action or event occurs.
    • Example (उदाहरण):
      • English: “I will meet you at 3 o’clock.”
      • Hindi: “मैं तुमसे 3 बजे मिलूंगा।”
  2. Place Prepositions (स्थान पूर्वसर्ग):
    • Place prepositions describe the location or position of something.
    • Example (उदाहरण):
      • English: “The book is on the table.”
      • Hindi: “किताब मेज़ पर है।”
  3. Direction Prepositions (मार्ग पूर्वसर्ग):
    • Direction prepositions show the path or route of movement.
    • Example (उदाहरण):
      • English: “She is walking towards the park.”
      • Hindi: “वह पार्क की ओर चल रही है।”
  4. Manner Prepositions (तरीका पूर्वसर्ग):
    • Manner prepositions specify the way or manner in which an action is performed.
    • Example (उदाहरण):
      • English: “He completed the task with great care.”
      • Hindi: “उसने काम बड़ी हत्यारी से पूरा किया।”

Prepositions in Sentence Structure

Prepositions play pivotal roles in sentences:

  1. Establishing Relationships: Prepositions clarify the relationship between various elements in a sentence.
    • Example (उदाहरण):
      • English: “The cat is under the table.”
      • Hindi: “बिल्ली मेज़ के नीचे है।”
  2. Providing Context: Prepositions offer context and additional information to make sentences more meaningful.
    • Example (उदाहरण):
      • English: “They met at the conference.”
      • Hindi: “उन्होंने सम्मेलन में मिले।”
  3. Enhancing Clarity: Prepositions are instrumental in avoiding ambiguity and ensuring that the intended message is clear.
    • Example (उदाहरण):
      • English: “She arrived on Sunday.”
      • Hindi: “वह रविवार को पहुंची।”

More Example:-

  1. On: (पर) – The book is on the table. (किताब मेज़ पर है।)
  2. In: (में) – She lives in the city. (वह शहर में रहती है।)
  3. At: (पर) – We’ll meet at the park. (हम पार्क पर मिलेंगे।)
  4. Under: (के नीचे) – The cat is under the table. (बिल्ली मेज़ के नीचे है।)
  5. Above: (ऊपर) – The painting is above the sofa. (चित्रकला सोफ़ा ऊपर है।)
  6. Beside: (के पास) – He sits beside his sister. (वह अपनी बहन के पास बैठा है।)
  7. Between: (के बीच) – The library is between the school and the bank. (लाइब्रेरी स्कूल और बैंक के बीच है।)
  8. Behind: (पीछे) – The car is parked behind the house. (कार घर के पीछे पार्क की गई है।)
  9. Near: (निकट) – There’s a park near the mall. (मॉल के निकट एक पार्क है।)
  10. Through: (के माध्यम से) – He walked through the tunnel. (उसने सुरंग के माध्यम से चला गया।)

Prepositions are the unassuming connectors that bind our words and thoughts together, adding clarity and context to our sentences. By understanding the concept of prepositions and their diverse types and functions, individuals can elevate their ability to express thoughts and ideas effectively, whether in English, Hindi, or any other language. Prepositions empower us to create structured, organized, and precise sentences, making them an indispensable aspect of language and communication.

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